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Welcome to

Fariba Ghasemy's Psychology & Counseling 

In order to succeed we must first believe that we can

Nikos Kazantzakis


Fariba Ghasemy



Oprichter/CEO at Fariba Ghasemy's Psychology & Counselling


Master's Degree in Psychology

 Enschede, The Netherlands


KVK-number:    70612404




Provide scientific and practical solutions in different areas of psychology such as Anxiety and depression, counseling and psychological advice before and after marriage, child and adolescent psychology , and other psychological problems 

You can take advantage of all psychological services online through WhatsApp and Skype anywhere in the world you are.

 Talk to yourself sometimes. Listen to your inner voice. Is this what you always wanted? And ever been looking for? Are you the person that always you wanted to be?
If you do not have an answer. Remember, although the time pasted and never will return, countless days are still waiting for you. Find out the moments and save the rest of your life. 
 When you take a decision and when it comes to action, you would realize how happy you are in coping with the problems.

Fariba Ghasemy


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